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Final Blog

As promised this is my final blog to cover off the end of my ‘adventure’.  I only realised as I sat down to start it that my last one was completed on the 26 of September and its now its the 17th January!  The forecast temperature in Adelaide tomorrow is 41’c (106’f).  I checked and […]

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Route 66 – Day 5 & 6 (Party’s Over)

I leave Tulsa when it was still dark so no photos as I passed thru Sapulpa, Bristow, Depew and Stroud.  By the time I reached Chandler the sun had come up and I found a couple of landmarks mentioned in the guide book;   I had a closer look at the old Cadillac and found […]

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Route 66 – Day 3 & 4

I leave Springfield and get off the Interstate to go thru Halltown so I can pick Route 66 up again.  Halltown was once a thriving with a large number of Antique shops – the only surviving one was shut when I went past;   Only 3 miles up the road is Paris Springs where there […]

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Route 66 – Day 1 & 2

It rained again overnight so under the veranda Fred went again;     There was thick fog around and although I waited for a while I had to set off in the thick of it;     My aim was to travel as much as I could on the actual Route 66 road and go […]

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The Start Line

Its Sunday morning and I leave the mansion heading off to Lafayette.  It’s a great morning for a ride as the air is cool and crisp;     I travel for about an hour before pulling up at a Denny’s Diner for breakfast.  To my surprise I found my water had been sitting on top […]

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Just me and Fred

After Graceland Mick made the tough decision that he was pulling out of doing Route 66 with me as he simply could not drive a car for the miles he would have to do.  It was real disappointment all round but with a bit of luck he will be able to do something else to […]

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Long live the King

Today is the day that Jack has been waiting all of his life for and he is more nervous than if his beloved pies were in a grand final. We head out early and just the size of the re development is amazing; Mick had done the VIP tickets online – we purchased the $95 […]

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Sun Studios

Its time to get ready for the flight to Memphis and we are all a bit dusty – Mick takes on the driving duties and I navigate us to the Airport.   Its a sign of how much fun Jack and I had the night before that Mick is the one driving! We have a […]

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The Rock

The next morning Mick and I have breakfast at ‘IHOP’ diner right next door to the Motel.  We get organized and go around to the local Police Department and Mick minds the car while I go in to get a patch. I get up to the front counter and explain who I am and in […]

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San Francisco

Mick and I board the plane and get settled in for what we thought would be a quick flight to San Francisco.  I look across the aisle and see a young lady holding a British Bulldog pup on her lap.  I strike up a conversation and find out that she is a bulldog breeder and […]

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