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Open Range – AdventureTravelr

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Open Range

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The road to Albuquerque

After the big night rockin Fort Carson I was up ultra early (just after 4:00 am) to get off to a flier.  I wanted to get my washing dry and make sure I was on the road before 7 am.  I had to get to Albuquerque which was slightly under 600 klms away.  I got […]

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Country Retreat

I checked now and have 60 people following my blog – the Lodi Police facebook mention gained a few Locals so welcome to them. Here is me thinking I would be lucky if my family followed me! This is the site for the Lodi Police Department facebook page. Soon Fred will have a personal media […]

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The never ending shortcut

Its the 4th of July and I am in Willits which is a town of about 5,000 in Mendocino County. The county has the reputation of being 1 of the ‘Triangle 3’ counties where 90% of cannabis is grown in the USA. I have resisted the temptation of buying a ton of fireworks – there […]

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Lost and found

I am drafting this blog from inside my tent at a hidden gem of a campground just south of Fort Dick, California. This morning I got off to a late start as I was fogged in. I took a few photos of my luxurious accommodation; Yeah it was rough but I have stayed in far […]

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Lava to Rain Forest

I am doing this blog from a small town called Reedsport which is about as far west as you can go in Oregon without being in the ocean. The town has a population of about 4,000 and historically (1850’s) a lumber town until that industry died a few years ago. Now it is basically reliant […]

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Near death x 2

I thought I had better put a picture up of a church as the big fella was looking after me yesterday. What a day – starts off well with a good early start. I pack up and head up the highway and cross the border into Oregon. Straight away is Ontario and I go into […]

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Back over the top

It’s nearly 9:00pm on Thursday 29/6 – I am currently in a trailer park at Caldwell in Idaho. I am only about 50klms from Ontario which is just over the border in Oregon. I have decided that I will do my blogs as the last thing of the day so I keep up and also […]

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Radio Active

After being ripped off for the cost of a Motel Room I thought the saving grace was at least I would have a decent breakfast. Wrong Again. I end up having toast and jam because the cooked food was atrocious. There was something that looked like porridge but smelt like a dead cat. I also […]

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Wind, rain, hail

Reluctantly I pack up my gear to leave Lander. The town was much better than expected and had been a great pit stop. I went down to the café where I had lunch the day before and wanted to have the usual bacon eggs – no can do but they could do a bacon/egg burrito. […]

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On the grass

8:00pm on Tuesday and I am in Idaho Falls. Well it has been an interesting couple of days. I left Laramie reasonable early and got out on the road. Here is what I saw; I am on the 130 to Saratoga (about 120klms) with the intention to get to Jeffrey City. That is the half […]

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