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Road to Memphis

This blog is the last in my “Road to” series (for now anyway). I am up and getting sorted when I discover that I left my drink bottle in the freezer overnight which caused the bottom to blow out; I have about 220 klms to Memphis so there is no great rush.  I get under […]

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Road to Little Rock

I had originally planned to ride from Fort Smith to Memphis in the one day which would have meant a 460 klm ride.  I had to change those plans as my hamstring injury makes riding Fred hard work.  To show that I am not as soft as what everyone out there is thinking, check this […]

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Battle of Honey Springs

I think I am going to have to call the blogs I am doing at the moment my “Road to” series.  I have been under the pump to get to Memphis so I can catch a flight to Vegas to meet my mate Mick who is flying in on the 30th.  This has meant is […]

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Road to Oklahoma City

The next morning, I set off early as I had just about 420 klms to get to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The forecast was for thunder showers and I thought I may be forced to hole up at some stage and lose time.  To say I was glad to get out of the place was a […]

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Rockin Fort Carson

After the mountain incident I spent the next couple of days catching up on a whole lot of different things. One was to sit down and plan the next stage of my trip so I could make my to Memphis. I will most likely go from Colorado Springs to Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma City and then […]

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Death on the Mountain

As the name of this blog suggests I was unfortunately involved in an incident on Pikes Peak yesterday. I will start from the start and get to it. I was up and raring to go to ride up Pikes Peak. The Peak is the backdrop that you can see in my photos that I took […]

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Colorado Springs

I will pick up where I left Bill and made my way to the Airbnb at Centennial. I find that the Host (Gabriel) is a Minister in the Baptist church and both he and his wife (Heather) left well paid jobs to move to Denver to so he could take up a position with a […]

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Survivors guide to Sturgis

As promised this blog is how I think you should go about Sturgis so that you maximize your fun without getting killed! Sturgis Rally is held in the black hills of South Dakota on the first week of August each year. It runs for 10 days and over that period attracts well over 500,000 motorcyclists. […]

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On the Ranch

The Ranch turned out to be far better than I expected and in fact I would have to say it was the best Airbnb so far; The Ranch is located about 30klms out of Cheyenne on 1300 acres of land. Eric and Deb own the property and live in the house but the actual farm […]

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Golden Oldies

Well the next morning I had a pleasant surprise when I checked my pending credit card debits – I had been charged twice for a single night. Ok so I go and see the day shift manager who tells me that I will have to email the issue to her boss. Email has been sent […]

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