Colorado Springs

August 17, 2017

I will pick up where I left Bill and made my way to the Airbnb at Centennial. I find that the Host (Gabriel) is a Minister in the Baptist church and both he and his wife (Heather) left well paid jobs to move to Denver to so he could take up a position with a new church. This meant they sold their house and everything else they thought they would not need. They have 2 young children who are 4yrs and 6mths. Talk about a leap of faith!

I get up on Saturday morning and make my way down to Fay Myers Motorcycle shop;

It was good to get back into a store and have a look around. I was able to get a new set of front brake pads for Fred however it would have been a 1.5hr wait for the guys to fit them so I just took the parts for later as I wanted to give it a go myself anyway. I found a 3 wheeler on display and found out from a salesperson that they are about 25K USD. I had seen a few of them getting around at Sturgis but to be honest I don’t think much of them.

I then went to Safeway and bought ingredients to make a lasagna for dinner to help out. Gabe was busy on getting ready for his sermon and Heather was flat out with the kids whilst trying to get ready for her return to work on Monday – I put my hand up to do dinner and went with my trust Italian dish. Dinner was a success (although served later than usual) and we had a good time. They are a great family and I really enjoyed their company.

The next morning I bid farewell and rode the 115klms to Colorado Springs;

I arrived at Sonia and Dave’s house and was quite concerned when I found this homeless man out the front;

Ha – of course it was the ‘Fashion Outlaw’ – Dave. Not long after pulling up Bill arrived and we all had a coffee together. Bill then took me on a tour of the local area which included Garden of the Gods;

Bill decided we needed to stretch our legs so out we got and went for a walk – his geologist background came to the fore as he described the history of the rock formations etc – it was also very evident how many miles he had in his legs over the years as he was like a jack rabbit scurrying over the rocks!

Bill then took me to this place where we had lunch;

Now I loved this joint. Talk about Caveman eating. You go up and order and they cut slices from massive chunks of barbecued beef and serve it to you by weight. The taste and quality is from another planet!

After lunch we drove the Gold Town road which is an original stage coach route – you will see that the tunnels are quite high as they were built in that way to accommodate the height of the Stage Coaches;

We swung by the Broadmoor Hotel – slightly more expensive then my Airbnb. The surrounding gardens and golf course were pretty special. Speaking of the golf course, the membership fee is about 85K per year;

To finish off the day we went and had a coffee downtown. Bill then dropped me back to house – great day and I was very appreciative that Bill went out of his way to show me around. Hopefully I can return the favor when he retires and comes out to Australia;

Sonia cooked Spaghetti bolognaise for dinner that night and I took note that it had a real American style with a magnificent sausage sauce. Joining us for dinner were friends Carol and Pumba (what a crew we made!). After dinner we played a card game (first one for me in 20yrs) called ‘Cards Against Humanity’. It was without doubt the most inappropriate and bad taste game I have ever played but also the most outrageous fun. I am definitely buying it before I go home. I had a fantastic night and laughed until I nearly cried.

The next day was pretty quiet. I set myself up in Dave’s garage with my laptop and was able to follow the directions in Fred’s service manual to change the front brake pads – it took me about 30 mins but I am now confident that next time will be much quicker. I certainly did not have much wear left on the old pads;

For dinner that night I drove Dave’s Subaru down to the pizza shop to pick up a couple of pizzas – I had their son Gavin (14) directing the way. It was the first time that I had driven a Left Hand drive car and it put up a few challenges. The hardest thing I found was using my right hand to change gears – I think an automatic would be the way to go and much easier. Gavin was highly entertained by the way I kept turning the wipers on instead of the indicators!

Back at the House I took a couple of photos of Dave’s jacket;

Earlier in the blog I had a laugh re Dave’s fashion sense and I actually call him ‘FO’ (fashion outlaw). For the record I have the utmost respect for this guy and he is certainly a classic example of not judging a book by its cover!

Dave is a medic and was previously in the Army and did a 12 month tour of Iraq in 2005/6. He wasn’t involved in any direct fighting but was shot at plenty of times and had a grenade thrown at his vehicle. He now works in the case management area of troops who require various types of assistance. He does a heap of work in his own time to support returned veterans. He showed me one example of a ex-special forces member who has started his own coffee label and has the goal of employing 10,000 veterans;

There are other examples such as Article 15 clothing line (Article 15 is an army term for bad conduct), and Nine-line Clothing (Nine-line refers to when you call in a medic).

I find out from Sonia that Dave’s IQ is thru the roof and he consistently averages in the high 90’s for everything he does including his current Uni studies.

I promised Gavin that I would have a go at PS4 – again he found it very entertaining that I was killed every 5 secs and basically got my butt kicked.

We rap up the evening and I go to bed looking forward to riding Fred up Pikes Peak (elevation of 14,100 ft) the next day.

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