On the Ranch

August 13, 2017

The Ranch turned out to be far better than I expected and in fact I would have to say it was the best Airbnb so far;

The Ranch is located about 30klms out of Cheyenne on 1300 acres of land. Eric and Deb own the property and live in the house but the actual farm land is leased out as Eric is retired. Deb works for homeland security and is nearly over the line for retirement. They had to re build the house from scratch after their old one was destroyed by fire. The house itself is magnificent with great big rooms and a long veranda that you can sit on and stare at the scenery.

I have breakfast and head off into Cheyenne – the forecast was for later showers and I wanted to be back at the house before they started. I go into Cheyenne and have a look around;

I call in at the local PD and find that its a brand new building. What I thought impressive was the classy way in which they had incorporated their history in a modern design;

I leave the station and head out to Borderline Power Sports which is the only Suzuki motorcycle dealership around. They are located out of town and on the way I see this;

I know all of the pyromaniacs in my office back home would love to get their hands on this stuff!

I get to the dealership and unfortunately they don’t have Fred’s disc brake pads in stock although I was able to get a can of chain lube. In the shop are a lot of the 4 x 4 buggies and I have a closer look at them. The spare parts lad tells me that all they need for registration in Colorado is a horn and rear mirror. He goes on to tell me that they get them in to the shop where the owners have bolted on a bicycle bell and used their girlfriends makeup mirror! Ha. The latest model has a turbo and close to 170hp.

I get back to the Ranch just in time as the rain sets in for the afternoon. I spend most of the afternoon just sitting on the veranda and watching the hills.

The next morning I pack up and head into Cheyenne as I have to go back thru there to get to Denver.

The weather is diabolical and I could see thunderstorms ahead of me. I call in to Denny’s (yes they are crap but have good wi-fi) and kill a bit of time while the storm blows over. After about an hour I get going again and take a few photos as I go;

I turn off the main interstate and go on back roads and go thru some small towns;

I stop at one of the towns, Firestone, and call in at the local PD. I speak to ‘Angel’ who is a uniform officer. Angel shows me pictures of her Harley and we have a good chat. I must admit I love the number of girls over here that ride motorbikes! I promise to send her my blog link and I head off.

I get about 30 minutes out of Denver and get directions from my mate Bill – we are to meet at a Viking Inn restaurant where the freeway junctions. I put the name into the GPS and get to the restaurant carpark. No Bill to be found. I ring Bill and we work out that I am one restaurant short but not to worry as he will come to me.

Bill is a Denver PD Captain and is very close to retirement. He has had a very full career and has run some big squads (Narcotics, etc). He shouts me lunch and we end up having a good laugh and time. I come to the conclusion that Police and criminals are very similar all over the world! We make arrangements for Bill to collect me on Sunday to go for a tour.

I leave the restaurant and make my way to my Airbnb accommodation in Centennial which is located on the south side of the city. On arrival I get greeted by a young couple with 2 kids. I unpack and head down to the local supermarket. Whilst standing next to Fred in the supermarket car park a guy pulls up on his Harley. I then meet Greg and end up getting his email address so I can send my blog link to him later. Now I feel like a US Army recruiter in the Walmart carpark trying to sign people up for my blog!


  1. Comment by Mick B.

    Mick B. Reply August 13, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    I can’t think of anything better than sitting on a large verandah looking out over the scenery (of course with a nice glass of Shiraz and perhaps a few cheeses) relaxing without a care in the world. Looking forward to sharing the experience with you.

  2. Comment by Noel

    Noel Reply August 13, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    Mate I think you need a hug from your wife…

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