Rested Up

July 18, 2017

I sleep in on Saturday and basically did nothing at all but send a few emails and watch a couple of MotoGP races that I was behind in. I cook a massive steak for tea and even get reacquainted with vegetables. The next morning I get up and do my washing and start to get organised for the next leg.

When I got the new tires on Fred I had to also replace the tubes. I had put ‘slime’ tire repair gel in the old tubes to protect against flat tires so I wanted to go and get some more for the new ones. I had spoken to the guys at East Bay Motorsports and they were against putting any type of gel in the tubes as a preventative and they were of the belief it should only be used when you actually get a flat (this is what I had done in the past). I checked on the internet and found that I should be able to get some at Walmart in Eureka which was only 17klms up the road.

I was in no rush which was just as well as I was fogged in;

The good thing about the fog was that there were plenty of wild animals around that seemed to come up pretty close to the house – I missed getting a photo of a few deer but managed to get one of a fox (I later found out it was actually a coyote);

I could also see the horses had come up for a look and I found a few carrots in Bram’s fridge;

I go back inside and about 5 mins later there is a commotion outside the front door. I open the door to find this pair of rascals;

I had seen the black one the day before and had given it a couple of dog biscuits. She must have gone and told her mate to come back with her.

I ride down to Walmart at Eureka and its actually a bit cold with a fog type mist. I get the slime and a couple of other things and head back home. The only people that were walking around Eureka appear to be homeless. I then take Fred into the local car wash and clean him up – going thru the road works had put tar all over him and it was a pain to get it off. I also swung by the supermarket to grab a roll for lunch and to purchase some replacements for what I had used at Brams. Back home again and a pretty lazy afternoon to the point I even have a nap. (so getting used to these naps).

I actually miss my host who is home late and up early for work. We catch up later in the day and he takes me to a local brewery for dinner. At the brewery we hook up with a couple of his mates, Mark and Greg, who are also Police Officers and very much motorcycle tragics. Have a look at this group of good looking roosters;

The brewery opens out to an area where there is a large food trailer/van that specializes in fish and chips. It has everything from fish tacos to fish burgers and the food is great.

Next morning I am up early to finish this blog and get off to a reasonable start. Fred is packed and ready to go and I am lucky that there is no fog.

I often get asked what is the best thing that I have done so far in the US. I have enjoyed every minute but the best thing has been the great people that I have met that will remain good friends.


  1. Comment by Mary Ellen Stanley

    Mary Ellen Stanley Reply July 19, 2017 at 12:08 am

    Thanks Noel! Enjoying your blog, photos, adventures!
    Mary Ellen (Laramie)

  2. Comment by Mark Meftah

    Mark Meftah Reply July 19, 2017 at 3:31 am

    Great to meet you Noel. Here’s the link to the ADV rider tent space thread I mentioned to you, I would encourage you to use it. Your travel costs will drop to nearly nothing, just the cost of gas. Most of these guys will help you with maintenance, feed you, offer you the run of their homes, give you good local routes and advice, etc. If you end up coming back through Ferndale Calif you are welcome to stay with me.

    I do feel, after reading all your blog, you aren’t really getting the true US experience. Obviously the interstate is a no-no for experiencing the country, and you are doing it sort of right by being on back roads and chatting up the rozzers… but I’ve ridden almost all the areas in the US you’ve been to thus far and most of your entries that I read I think: “Oh no, he was right there… but missed the good stuff by just a few miles!!!” Seek out that local advice because the people that live in an area can cut right through the bullshit and give you the best routes and best destinations. Since you are going to Sturgis next let me offer you the pearls of ‘Iron Mountain Road’ and Rts 16A and 87 through the Custer State Park. ‘Needles Highway’ is epic. Absolutely ride through the Badlands NP but take the gravel roads off the main highway… watch out for bison and sheep! If you don’t use the tent space thread don’t forget about the renegade camping behind churches and in baseball dugouts and so forth, too! I haven’t paid for camping since like 1997.

    Safe travels, brother!

    • Comment by Noel

      Noel Reply July 20, 2017 at 5:10 pm

      Totally agree but the reality is that I could spend 5 months in one state and still not see all of the highlights. Its a compromise and I know most of the time what I am riding past but there is no way I can see it all. I try and speak to the locals as much as I can but after a 200 miles I just look for a campsite. It will be the same with Sturgis – getting there is an effort without worrying about what roads I am going to do once I am there. I will remember that I went and that will be enough. Ha.

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