Road Kill

June 22, 2017

Firstly sorry for the graphic photo of a dead animal -let me explain. So I get up early as I have 500klm to ride today to make sure I get to Denver tomorrow. In the carpark were a group of about 12 guys with 6 of these bad boys;

Funny thing is they were all my age or older – you can register them and drive them on roads. Places to hire and ride are everywhere. They were having a blast but, like me, were heading north to get away from the heat.

Off if I went with a goal of getting to a small town called Gypsum which is basically the south side of the Rocky Mountains.

So about an hour into the ride I am about 1klm behind a truck when I see an animal dart from the left to the right trying to get across the road. Now at the time I thought it was a horse given its size. Next thing the truck hits it and the animal cartwheels in the air along the roadway. I hit Fred’s brakes (which is like trying to stop an oil tanker) and pull up. To my amazement it is a deer. Now I had been warned several times by rangers and camp goers to look out for them but it didn’t register. 2 klms later I see this sign;

My first thoughts were to put the sign back 10klms you fkrs! In all seriousness I saw deer along the side of the road at the Grand Canyon that were Bambi in comparison to this.

Anyway for the next 100klms I rode like every bush and rock was about to jump out and kill me. The road and landscape was something special;

About now I am starving so I have been looking for an exit to get something to eat. I eventually stop at Green River and have a bacon and egg roll plus coffee. Seriously if the deer don’t get me the food will! I have a look around town and see this;

On closer inspection;

I decided the good lord didn’t need me in Green River and I cruised (flat strap fred) out of there.

Back on the interstate I then had a magnificent ride along side the Colorado river.

What was amazing is that they had another 2 lanes (opposite direction) embedded in the mountain.

So I get to Gypsum and all good. I go to the supermarket and stock up.

After talking to my hosts I decide that I should take a different route as there is no need to go to Denver. They want me to turn off before Denver and head to Granby which leads into the Rocky Mountain reserve. Ok I say. So tomorrow I head off into the unknown with nothing booked – could be worse. I could be at work LOL.

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  1. Comment by Ian Bailey

    Ian Bailey Reply June 22, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    Just replace the deer signs with roo signs in your head and you will feel right at home 🙂

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